Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pumpkin Party @ Mutual

Wow, I am impressed with the girls. I didn't think the pumpkins were going to turn out so great! I was more nervous that I wasn't going to teach them how to do it right (because I am an amateur at sewing). But, Voila!!! Here they are! They look amazing. Once I figure out how to do a tuturial page I will include it ( I am new to blog-land). Here are photos of my craft-making young women. You ladies Rock!

I feel like I fell into a pumpkin patch. LOL, okay its like 7am and I wake up so hyper, so pretend Im doing the running man.
Check out this self portrait one of my girls made of herself! If I were to do it on me, I'd look like Betty Rubble. Ba Ha Ha (Im a nerd).

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