Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Sweet Sunday

This women I sat next to in Sunday class today said to me she was pretending after I asked her how she was doing. I replied, "pretending"? She said, "yes, I am pretending on the outside like everything is okay, but inside I am a wreck".

Shocked. I realized that this is how I feel too. I don't like days like this.

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Sunday Sweet Sunday

{violins playing}

Why does the Lord make me wait. Will I ever understand this? What is the lesson? Patience? I have plenty of it. Faith? Is my life. What is it? I don't think I will ever know....things are sometimes difficult and I may not understand why things are not happening when I would like them to be, but I do have faith that it will happen, because it always does. On his Time. {tear}.

1. We love morning cuddle time with. Hubs was telling me about a video he saw on National Geographic the night before on a killer whale who killed a great white shark. {thanks for the lesson on under the sea killer orcas and how they hunt thier prey}.
2. Went to the annual Great American Pie Festival in Celebration
3. Hubs looking for the bathroom for his wife, because she always has to pee.
4.  top of our parking garage at home.
5. the chocolate pie we devoured only to find it has 42542 grams of sugar {sorry diet}
6. ran into Hello Kitty on the street
7. should we take a pie home?
8. my love.

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Thrifty Finds Friday!

I am going to try to commit to posting weekly {wed or sat} an outfit I wore. This by no means is to dub me a fashion expert {because I am NOT}, but to help me put outfits together from my closet. I don't want to buy a new wardrobe, I will reward myself with a mini shopping spree when I drop the el bees that are lingering around my thunder thighs.

I went to the Goodwill boutique in search of a pair of jeans. I was looking for a pair that I could wear with flats. It seems all my jeans are super long and the kind you wear with heels. I scored a pair of jeans for $7 and a cute necklace for $3.

So what I wore was a poplin button up top, skinny jean, sparkly flats, chunky necklace and a blue clutch for a pop of color.

I looove a good deal!

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

What's for Dinner Thursday

Woah dude. My blogger dashboard looks totally different. Either that or I am logged into the wrong program. Looks cleaner though, less orange more white. I guess we aren't the only ones going through spring cleaning. Change is good though, for realz.

So my friend Cari from church had us over for dinner last week and cooked up a delish meal. On our plate was this brown puffy rice wanna-be look alike grain. I swore it was some sort of rice, it tasted soooo good. As if my husband were reading my thoughts he asked "What kind of rice is this"? So Cari told us all about Quinoa (pronounced KEEN-wah).

It tastes like rice but better like 342451 times better. It's also packed with protein and loaded with fiber. You can find it at Costco and your local whole foods store. There are dozens of recipes on-line for this. Here is what I did with mine:

I rinsed off the grains and cooked it in my rice cooker. 1 cup of Quinoa with 2 cups of water. I added a little bit of garlic salt.

Served it with mixed veggies, mashed potato and chicken breast.

I'm thinking of whipping up a southwest style quinoa dish with corn, black beans, red onion, tomatoes..mmmm...I'll keep you posted.

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Pantry and Fridge Organization

Part of eating healthy is cooking your food at home and trying not to eat out. I found that sometimes I would go grab take-out thinking I had nothing to make at home. The reality was I couldn't see what I had in my pantry and fridge because it was so disorganized. Well I no longer have any excuses because I went to town on the organizing. I went to Big lots and picked up some plastic food savers and hit Staples up for the Martha Stewart chalkboard labels. I was like a kid in a candy shop in that aisle of Martha's home organization.

Then I did the fridge:

Whew, now I can see what we have!

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Happy Birthday

My hubs turned 31 last week. I can't believe how fast time flies. I remember meeting him when he was 20, he had long curly hair. Now its gone. By choice though. He's a babe. I still get many butterflys in my stomach-swoon. Anyway, this is what my honeys day looked like:

{apologies on the picture, it was taken on my crappy android} Hoping for an iPhone. I made my hubs a banner in his Gracie Barra school jui jitsu colors. Hubs does Jui jitsu every day, he is a blue belt. Its hard for me to picture my cuddly bear of a hubby putting someone in a choke hold, mainly because I think he looks like kung fu panda-really.

I bought a publix cake and scraped off the flowers and made the jui jitsu logo out of food coloring and fondant. Dying to take a cake making class though-

We had birthday dinner at Kobe's Steakhouse.

When we got home his birthday balloons were still flying high ( I paid for high float at party city). So  we wrote out wishes on little pieces of paper and tied them to the end of the string and let our wishes soar high into the sky. It was night time, I wish we could have done this during sunlight, its okay though.

Hopefully our wish comes true.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012 wait.

Goodbye  Thigh enlargers.

I am having a lil prob'. It has not been easy for me to lose weight. My hubs says to me it is because I am getting older now so losing it is harder. The issue 30 old? Is my metabolism really slowing down NOW? I don't feeeeel old. I feel like I am still a teenager (minus the acne).

There are a few commitments I made to myself , like : plan out my meals and pack my lunches and nooo eating out..(if I do I will eat healthy). I am taking zumba classes, cycling and kick-boxing (3 days of working out a week). Sounds easy right? I need to lose weight...but I have a major weakness. Sweets. I am breaking up with sugar. and cookies. GOODBYE. Hopefully, I can lose 15ish lbs on this new eating plan. {crossing my fingers}. Here are the things I am saying farewell to...

I hate pie, I hate cookies {no wait... I love I hate you..aahhhh}, I hate chocolate, I hate cupcakes. think if I repeat this enough I'll start to believe it?

Have  a fabulous weekend!

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I have a Confession:

The other day I had a major freak attack. I realized that it was April. Already?!!!!!! My mind started to race and I broke down at the thought that it was almost June. Which would mean that we are almost half way through the year, which means it is almost 2013!!! I know, I sound totally crazy.

One thing I am trying really hard to work on is not to freak out when I think about 'time'.Time to reach my goal, time to lose weight, time to be a mom, time to be more organized, time to read more scriptures, time to move, time to save, time to take care of myself more, time to clean, time to learn new things, time, time time, ITS TIME!!!! Whew.

While it is good to be goal oriented, I know that if I think this way all the time, that I will miss out on what is in front of me. Today. I will let time pass me by if I continue to worry and freak out. So Dear Time, While I know I cannot control on how fast you come, you will not control my racing thoughts and my today. Time is precious Today. And thank you for reminding me that in time, I will be stronger and wiser and will achieve all my goals. I will not lose myself thinking about tomorrow and create my happiness today.

Thanks for letting me vent.

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