Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Sweet Sunday

{violins playing}

Why does the Lord make me wait. Will I ever understand this? What is the lesson? Patience? I have plenty of it. Faith? Is my life. What is it? I don't think I will ever know....things are sometimes difficult and I may not understand why things are not happening when I would like them to be, but I do have faith that it will happen, because it always does. On his Time. {tear}.

1. We love morning cuddle time with. Hubs was telling me about a video he saw on National Geographic the night before on a killer whale who killed a great white shark. {thanks for the lesson on under the sea killer orcas and how they hunt thier prey}.
2. Went to the annual Great American Pie Festival in Celebration
3. Hubs looking for the bathroom for his wife, because she always has to pee.
4.  top of our parking garage at home.
5. the chocolate pie we devoured only to find it has 42542 grams of sugar {sorry diet}
6. ran into Hello Kitty on the street
7. should we take a pie home?
8. my love.

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