Thursday, April 19, 2012

Happy Birthday

My hubs turned 31 last week. I can't believe how fast time flies. I remember meeting him when he was 20, he had long curly hair. Now its gone. By choice though. He's a babe. I still get many butterflys in my stomach-swoon. Anyway, this is what my honeys day looked like:

{apologies on the picture, it was taken on my crappy android} Hoping for an iPhone. I made my hubs a banner in his Gracie Barra school jui jitsu colors. Hubs does Jui jitsu every day, he is a blue belt. Its hard for me to picture my cuddly bear of a hubby putting someone in a choke hold, mainly because I think he looks like kung fu panda-really.

I bought a publix cake and scraped off the flowers and made the jui jitsu logo out of food coloring and fondant. Dying to take a cake making class though-

We had birthday dinner at Kobe's Steakhouse.

When we got home his birthday balloons were still flying high ( I paid for high float at party city). So  we wrote out wishes on little pieces of paper and tied them to the end of the string and let our wishes soar high into the sky. It was night time, I wish we could have done this during sunlight, its okay though.

Hopefully our wish comes true.

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  1. Love the birthday wishes tied to the ballons - such a cute idea !
    I'm a new follower, glad you decided not to delete your blog!
    Everything will work out for you, sending lots of positive thoughts :)

    1. Thank you for reading and following :)


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