Wednesday, April 11, 2012 wait.

Goodbye  Thigh enlargers.

I am having a lil prob'. It has not been easy for me to lose weight. My hubs says to me it is because I am getting older now so losing it is harder. The issue 30 old? Is my metabolism really slowing down NOW? I don't feeeeel old. I feel like I am still a teenager (minus the acne).

There are a few commitments I made to myself , like : plan out my meals and pack my lunches and nooo eating out..(if I do I will eat healthy). I am taking zumba classes, cycling and kick-boxing (3 days of working out a week). Sounds easy right? I need to lose weight...but I have a major weakness. Sweets. I am breaking up with sugar. and cookies. GOODBYE. Hopefully, I can lose 15ish lbs on this new eating plan. {crossing my fingers}. Here are the things I am saying farewell to...

I hate pie, I hate cookies {no wait... I love I hate you..aahhhh}, I hate chocolate, I hate cupcakes. think if I repeat this enough I'll start to believe it?

Have  a fabulous weekend!

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  1. My mom often says she's divorcing sugar, and it always makes me laugh. :)
    Good luck with the new diet! Try and set a goal to stay away from those things for 2 weeks and it will break the cravings and "need" for them. It can be really hard, but after that point it's so much easier to say no to them or just have it occasionally.


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