Friday, March 30, 2012

Cabinet Clean-up

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The last several weeks I have been kinda sick {now down to a sniffle, and a 'ahem'}, and so when my hubs suggested that I take a mucinex, I responded we did not have any. He said we did, in our medicine cabinet. So I remember heading to my kitchen and reaching up for the cabinet and could not find anything. You see, our medicine cabinet is about 6 feet above the ground in our kitchen. I am 5'4. So trying to see what we had up there was impossible, plus I stubbed my toe hopping up and down to reach for it.

So I did what a responsible person would do. Organized it. I went to Big Lots and found these bins for $1 each...$1!!!!! I cleaned out my cabinets, sorted the meds into each bin, and popped a label on it. This made searching for what I needed so much easier, and toe-stubbing less likely.

Oh this feels sooo great! Now I know where everything is!!!


So I went and did my bathroom too. I forgot to take before pics though, I was so excited to get to cleanin'! {lets just say that the 'before' was a big jumble'}

{don't judge my towels, I def. need new ones} What will you be organizing? Next for me is my craft room....I think.

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

What's for Dinner Thursday

I have a weak spot for Mexican food. Hubs especially. So when I told him we were having tacos for din he was a happy man. I love making tacos at home. The spices brings such a delicious aroma in the kitchen and I can't help but sneak a bite or two along the way.

I like to make a side of spanish rice when we do taco night. I use the Vigo brand black beans and rice, chopped cilantro, red onion, corn and cook it all in my rice cooker.

I do not like handling raw chicken (we used to have chickens growing traumatized maybe?). I am trying to get over this because hubs likes chicken. I cheated and used canned chicken (the kirkland brand from Costco) and seasoned it with chicken taco seasoning, lime and a little bit of garlic salt. I put it all in a pan with about 2 tbsp of olive oil on medium heat.

Easy Peasy and took about 25 min. Do you do taco night? Let me know what seasonings you use!

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Monday, March 26, 2012


One thing I like about living in Orlando is that we are surrounded by so many cultures. You get to meet people of all types of ethnicity's. This past weekend the Arab American Community Center held an Arab festival down in Lake Eola. Lake Eola is beautiful, it is a popular destination in downtown Orlando. It has beautiful surroundings, an amphitheater, swan rides, restaurants and  a great place for a romantic walk.

Manny and I thought it would be neat to go to the Arab festival. We had so much fun and the weather was GORG!
I also learned that 840,000 Colombians are from Lebanese decent. Time to crack down on my Genealogy.

There were dozens of vendors, from food to traditional dress, jewelry, fabrics and art. This was the place to be. Oh and the music was awesome.


{me trying to belly ain't happening}

If you are ever in the Central Florida Area and want to chill like the locals, you must visit Lake Eola. On the weekends they have a Farmers Market and you can score many interesting things from local vendors and designers. Oh and I totally encourage you to go to these cultural events in your local community.

Lake Eola
195 N. Rosalind Ave
Orlando, FL 32803

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Handmade Greeting Cards tutorial

Can I just say that it is 90 degrees here in Orlando and the sun is blazing hot! This is very much a motivation for me to start getting serious about losing 15 el bees before I put myself into a swimsuit. Especially because I know that we will start to find the need to cool off in the nearest body of water.

Anyway, a few weeks ago my mother-in-law asked me to make her 'thank you' cards with a message of charity. I love to make my own greeting cards. I haven't bought one in years. I find that making my own feels so special and I can create any kind of message too. Here is what I made, it was very simple. I had the help of my cricut machine. However, if you are good with a ruler and a cutting tool, you don't need the cricut.

Since we really don't have surface space in our abode. I craft on the floor. Plus, floor crafting allows me to spread all my stuff out...the bad thing is I have to put it all away (don't want to remind hubby of all the craft stuff I have, but he doesn't mind, he is very supportive of my craft hoarding)

I went to big lots and found the Christmas card cartridge for $20 on sale! 1) I used some extra scrap paper I had for these little cards, and selected a card size for Cricut to cut


On the top center I punched two holes and tied a pretty little ribbon on the face of the card. 
Made any neat cards? Share with me :) Have a fabulous Sunday!

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Thursday, March 22, 2012


I know. It's been awhile. I recently got promoted at work and now my shifts are all different, days off have changed and now I'm traveling a little further than usual. I have missed blog-land though...Forgive?

My niece recently moved back to Utah. I have dubbed her my little petunia (or Gremlin at times...sorry haha). I love this child. She is soo funny and very energetic...gorgeous,smart, and did I mention energetic? She has such a  big heart and I am going to miss her. We had a little going away soiree slash birthday (because she is turning 17 in a few weeks):


Dear Victoria,

We are going to miss your big smile and energy. Remember that you are a daughter of Heavenly Father who loves you. May you always turn to him for guidance and never forget the principles of the young women's theme and personal progress.

Your Aunt and Uncle

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