Sunday, March 25, 2012

Handmade Greeting Cards tutorial

Can I just say that it is 90 degrees here in Orlando and the sun is blazing hot! This is very much a motivation for me to start getting serious about losing 15 el bees before I put myself into a swimsuit. Especially because I know that we will start to find the need to cool off in the nearest body of water.

Anyway, a few weeks ago my mother-in-law asked me to make her 'thank you' cards with a message of charity. I love to make my own greeting cards. I haven't bought one in years. I find that making my own feels so special and I can create any kind of message too. Here is what I made, it was very simple. I had the help of my cricut machine. However, if you are good with a ruler and a cutting tool, you don't need the cricut.

Since we really don't have surface space in our abode. I craft on the floor. Plus, floor crafting allows me to spread all my stuff out...the bad thing is I have to put it all away (don't want to remind hubby of all the craft stuff I have, but he doesn't mind, he is very supportive of my craft hoarding)

I went to big lots and found the Christmas card cartridge for $20 on sale! 1) I used some extra scrap paper I had for these little cards, and selected a card size for Cricut to cut


On the top center I punched two holes and tied a pretty little ribbon on the face of the card. 
Made any neat cards? Share with me :) Have a fabulous Sunday!

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