Friday, March 9, 2012

Thrifty Finds Friday!

Okay, so I am trying to get into this whole thrift thing. My friends usually find awesome unique things at these places and I can't ever seem to get the guts to go (because I don't really know what I'm looking for). So today I set out on a mission (yes Tom Cruise, your not the only one on missions). I love accessories, all kinds, so I figured I can't go wrong looking for some unique pieces.

In Winter Park, FL, there is a Goodwill Boutique. You heard me right, a Goodwill Boutique. What makes this different from other Goodwill's you ask? Well, it is situated in a ritzy schmitzy area and most of their donations are designer...which also means their prices are a tiny bit higher than a regular Goodwill...but it's totally worth it. They had things like Dana Buchman, Allen B., Gucci, Christopher Blue, and Liz Claiborne to name a few.

Check out what I snatched for a great price. I love handbags and clutches and this one goes totally perfect with a pair of gold pumps I have hibernating in my closet.

They were unpacking some accessory donations when I got to the accessory area (the manager said they get shipment everyday). This is what I found, I could have dug for more but I could tell I was in her way.

I am going to try a few other thrift stores I found along Lake Ivanhoe (near downtown) next week and see if I can find a few more things, eeee sooo exciting! What have you found at your local thrift store?

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