Thursday, March 22, 2012


I know. It's been awhile. I recently got promoted at work and now my shifts are all different, days off have changed and now I'm traveling a little further than usual. I have missed blog-land though...Forgive?

My niece recently moved back to Utah. I have dubbed her my little petunia (or Gremlin at times...sorry haha). I love this child. She is soo funny and very energetic...gorgeous,smart, and did I mention energetic? She has such a  big heart and I am going to miss her. We had a little going away soiree slash birthday (because she is turning 17 in a few weeks):


Dear Victoria,

We are going to miss your big smile and energy. Remember that you are a daughter of Heavenly Father who loves you. May you always turn to him for guidance and never forget the principles of the young women's theme and personal progress.

Your Aunt and Uncle

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  1. I love you too much :) I was waiting for you to post this since I hadn't seen any of the pics lol! I love you and miss you already! Come visit?


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