Friday, March 30, 2012

Cabinet Clean-up

I am over at Cheri's blog at participating in Git 'Er Done week link party

The last several weeks I have been kinda sick {now down to a sniffle, and a 'ahem'}, and so when my hubs suggested that I take a mucinex, I responded we did not have any. He said we did, in our medicine cabinet. So I remember heading to my kitchen and reaching up for the cabinet and could not find anything. You see, our medicine cabinet is about 6 feet above the ground in our kitchen. I am 5'4. So trying to see what we had up there was impossible, plus I stubbed my toe hopping up and down to reach for it.

So I did what a responsible person would do. Organized it. I went to Big Lots and found these bins for $1 each...$1!!!!! I cleaned out my cabinets, sorted the meds into each bin, and popped a label on it. This made searching for what I needed so much easier, and toe-stubbing less likely.

Oh this feels sooo great! Now I know where everything is!!!


So I went and did my bathroom too. I forgot to take before pics though, I was so excited to get to cleanin'! {lets just say that the 'before' was a big jumble'}

{don't judge my towels, I def. need new ones} What will you be organizing? Next for me is my craft room....I think.

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  1. Those cabinets look great Marilyn! I LOVE having things organized in bins and you can't beat $1! Way to go. Thanks for joining the party. Have an awesome weekend.


  2. Thanks for reading Cheri, you are great inspiration! Loved participating in your link party!


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