Saturday, January 19, 2013

Happy New Year, I know, better late than never

Life in Utah has been quite an adventure. Since I last wrote I had a birthday (woot) and started insanity (double woot with a womp). The mountain tops are powered white with delicate snow and our home is currently hoarding an insane amount of icicles. Our home looks like it has been hijacked and placed in a snow globe. It is lovely. I am learning to layer my clothing better (especially the day that I forgot to grab my coat in 5 degree weather, thank God for unshaven legs to keep me extra warm in emergency conditions, ha).

Our cross country move has taught me a lot. I have learned to really put all my trust and faith in the Lord. I have learned to be kinder with the great example of those who surround me. I have learned that despite the loneliness that hovers at times with the distance from family and friends and all familiar things, that I am really not alone, that this amazing adventure has brought me so much closer to the Lord and my amazing husband. I have learned to appreciate moments and the beauty that surrounds me. I have learned to be a little better. Just a little. I have learned that happiness comes from within, like really in there. I smile. I have learned that no matter how hard I pray each day, or for whatever amount of time, months, or years, the Lord answers on his own time, and when he does he serves it like a buffet of blessings. It happened. His timing is divine. I trust that. I have learned to challenge myself on things. Guard down and all.

I have applied this quote from President Gordon B. Hinckley as my New Years Resolution

Have a great weekend!

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