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About my hubby:  An intelligent, most caring man ever. Poetic, romantic and sensitive. A giant teddy bear. Often dubbed Genie.  Loves to cook and should have probably been a chef. Full of fun facts…like why were bulldogs bred for and random facts about history. Lover of Brazillian Jui-Jitsu (or obsessed). Gives the best advice. Loves to shop. Hilarious too. Makes up the funniest songs. Has a really deep man voice. Loyal friend.  Very creative. Handsome like no other. Jesus Lover. Man’s man. German Shepherd lover. Easy to talk to. Has 6 siblings. Parents married for over 50 years. Earned a Master’s Degree. Loves Jazz.  Says “bam” when he cooks. Can clean the house better than me. Patient. Drives below the speed limit. Always helps those in need.

About my Wifey:  Sweet caring and understanding, she is the first one to offer to help. Beautiful, confident, and kind.  Always up for new things no matter how random, Example: “hey wanna dress up like bikers and go to Daytona bike week”? Answers: “sure, Hells Angels or Warlocks”! The most loyal friend you will ever meet.  Loves doing new things, adventures, and spontaneity.  Loves Fashion, clothes, makeup. CREATIVITY, is one of her power trades takes simple things and makes them better! She is a craft ninja, a zumba master, and a blogging champion! Loves Jesus with conviction shares his love with passion! A planning genius that always thinks 2 steps ahead of most.  Loves books and ripping through the pages at lightning speed.  She is FALL OFF YOUR CHAIR FUNNY, in a SNL sketch comedy kind-of-way.  Always comes to the rescue!         

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