Sunday, January 22, 2012

2012 so far

So I entered a new decade. I turned "30" on January 10th.. ( I knoooow) and now I find myself looking in the mirror and asking "Do I looooook 30?" I think now might be the time to worry about anti-aging cremes and losing some El Bees...but I rather do fun stuff like bake, eat and craft. hee hehe...

This is our Downtown apartment...its our humble abode
My Birthday dinner was nice. It was hubbs and I--he took me to Kobe Japanese was sooo gooood.
 Have I mentioned how awesome he is...he writes the most beautiful things to me in cards, it makes me feel bad because I can never come up with the right words to say, I turn into a mush ball and never say anything that sounds like I really feel...oh well..he gets me..

My hubbs is a smart man, his head is very large...its def. where he keeps all his knowledge about random stuff. I like to call him Manny fun-fact. He is soo sweet, a total babe too...I have many nick-names for him annnd he kinda looks like the Genie from Aladdin.

Here is proof.

Am I riiiight!?!

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