Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I got nominated!

(I am out of town blogging from an iPad, totally had to post since I got nominated for ...)

The lovely Kaylee from All Things Bright and Beautiful has nominated pinkbambina ! Totes exciting

Here are some questions Kaylee asked me:
1. What is your favorite book? My favorite book is a book I read every year for Christmas (don't laugh) it's called The Christmas Tree that ate my mother by Dean Marney
2.  What is one thing you totally regret? I regret being a mean older sister growing up, my sister is 2 years younger and today we are the best of friends however, I look back and wish I was a better example to her in my early teens.
3. What is one thing you never want to forget? I never want to forget gazing into my husbands eyes on our wedding day...it was Magic!
4. Where would you be right now if you could? I am!!!! I am currently vacationing in Utah, it is beautiful here!! (Instagram: pinkbambina)
5. What is your happy place? Physically? Anywhere around mountains surrounded by green grass with my hubby, or wildly dancing around in the living room when I am home alone...seriously.
6. Have you ever cried over spilt milk? Or anything else that you later thought was silly? Yes. Hubby can probably tell you a zillion scenarios but I cannot think of any.
7. Favorite blog and why? Cheri at I am Momma Hear Me Roar. I read this blog daily because she is so sweet, down to earth, so creative and has a series called Wake up Wednesday, a challenge to motivate you to do something kind for others
8. What would you eat for your last meal? A typical Colombian dish: white rice with beans, sweet plantains, avocado , chicken and empanadas
9. Your stranded on an island. You can bring one celeb, one food item, one song to listen to,
And one other random item...go. Oh and why? Um....Martha Stewart, apples, Muse-Starlight and can my other random item be an airplane so we're not stranded anymore? Martha because she can make ANYTHING, apples because they can be sweet and filling.
10. How long did it take you to answer that last question? Like a minute... (Just in case I ever have to pick for real lol)
11. What movie are you most excited about seeing before the year is over ? Twilight Breaking Dawn part 2. I am soo serious.

Hope you enjoyed reading Oh and if you want to learn more abut me you can read here:
10 Random facts about Me

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  1. Yayyy! Love the answers! Now go and nominate people for the award and pass along the love! P.S. We're totally seeing Breaking Dawn II together! Our last hurrah before you fly off in the sunset to Utah.

  2. You're too freakin cute boo!
    # 9 made me LAUGH OUT LOUD!

    # 2 little do you know you were a GREAT role model to me and our past is what shaped us to be such great women today. You continue to amaze me and I just wish we lived closer to make more memories.


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