Tuesday, August 7, 2012

1.  My eyelids are a light shade of brown. It didn't used to bother me until one time when I used to be a makeup artist for Clinique in college, a customer asked me what color eyeshadow I was wearing, I told her I wasn't wearing any, she gave me the "I think-your-lying-face". Ever since people think I am wearing eyeshadow. So I am sure people think I am that girl at the gym with eyeshadow on. Oh Well.
2. I was a bully in kindergarten. I bullied boys. I was that loud mouthed girl, who pushed boys off of swings, jumped off see-saws, tugged on boys legs on the monkey bars and pulled the chair from underneath them. That was me. I probably traumatized a bunch of boys. I was only a bully for 1 year. Is that bad? I think it was because my dad told me that girls can do things better than boys my first day of kindergarten.

3. I have a spider-phobia. I have gotten alittle better but they scare the ________ out of me. One day I will have the courage to hold a tarantula. One. Day. NOT.

4. I will watch my favorite movies over and over again. I will never get sick of watching Michael J. Fox in all the Back to the Future movies: I still get excited. "ONE POINT TWENTY ONE GIGAWATTS"

5. I am a goof ball. I will mimick accents. Do funky dances and make faces. I mainly do 'man-voice' and secretly wish to be on Saturday Night Live {dream}. Only around those who know me though, because I am and introvert.

6. In fifth grade I made friendship bracelets and scrunchies and sold them for $5 each during recess. I made loot until I was busted with my shoebox full of goods and money. Business Closed.

7. I am a loyal and honest friend. And so is my hubby. Which is one reason why I love him so much.

8. If someone cries around me, I cry too.

9. I love talks about Faith. I love to serve others. I also love the mountains and nature.

10. I have a younger sister, whom I love so much. She lives in NYC and is a makeup artist. We call each other "Boo", after a song by Ghost Town DJ's called Call Boo. We can have an entire phone conversation by making funny noises at eachother, speaking in accents and telling jokes and laughing without really saying anything. The. Best. Ever.

I hope you learned alittle bit about me and random little things...

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  1. So fun catching up with your blog. I love the pic of you and Manny on the side too. Such a gorgeous couple!


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