Thursday, August 9, 2012

Awkward & Awesome

Hey Peeps, I am going to do a series called Awkward & Awesome Thursdays. I got this idea from Sydney at The Daybook blog. It is so fun to read everyone's A&A: so here it goes

AWKWARD: Getting out of my car at the parking lot and adjusting my bra strap in the reflection of the car window parked next to me, only to find a passenger in that car glaring back at me.
AWKWARD: Getting dust in my eye walking into Target and smearing my eye makeup (that I forgot I had on) up on my eyelids and down the side of my face, later catching a glimpse at my face in the school supply aisle while looking at locker mirrors. Wondering how many people saw me look like this. Did I  mention it was black eyeliner? And I def. don't need a locker mirror.
AWKWARD: Telling my mom that I am excited my sister is coming down for 10 days after a perplexed look on her face and an awkward silence, I realized then  she had no idea and my dad is standing behind her giving me the IT-WAS-A-SURPRISE look and my oscar winning attempt to  save myself out of the hole by saying, "Haaa JUST JOKING MOM" I'm a horrible liar

AWESOME: Celebrating 3 years of being married to this amazing man who I couldn't get to smile in this picture because he was sick.
AWESOME: Getting our meal comped at this fancy shmancy restaurant because there was a piece of glass in our bread. Hubs chomped on it and was okay. A Piece of GLASS.
AWESOME: Getting a thank you and a kiss from my hubs after making dinner the other night and THAT never happens...the making dinner part.

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