Friday, August 17, 2012

Awkward & Awesome

(don't know why my arm looks freakishly small in this pic)

Awkward: Went to slug someone in my dream (I am dreaming here) only to find myself waking up abruptly while I am in mid- motion right hook directly into my hubby's face. Yep.That woke him up.
Awkward: Walking up the steps inside the dim lit movie theatre looking for a good seat and missing a step and face planting next to the row of lights on the sides that are supposed to help you not face plant. Too bad hubs was buying nachos and couldn't save me.
Awkward: Getting hooked on the TLC show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. Why?

{that is me dancing. Really. I dance like this.}

Awesome: Teaching my first relief society class last sunday. I think I did okay.
Awesome: Getting a calling in the young women's presidency. WOOOOOT.
Awesome: planning a vacation to Utah in October

{its definitely more of an awkward week.}

Side Note:

So yesterday apparently my blog albums some how synched to picasa that then synched to my phone. Mrs. Smarty pants {me} thought hmmm, strange to find my blog photos on my phone, let me delete them. I deleted them. Later to find that this caused the pictures to be deleted from my blog. WHY??? So now, I am going back and uploading the original photo to each individual post. So exciting. BARF.
Is anyone watching Honey Boo Boo?

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  1. You're coming to Ut in October?! WOO! You HAVE to come to my games and shows! AHHHH! I CAN'T BREATHE! IM TO EXCITED! ok ok calming down.... NOPE. STILL STOKED!

  2. last week my husband was fighting for the rebound in his sleep...

  3. We DO need to hang out soon!!!! What is your schedule like??? P.S. I totally didn't know you live in Downtown! I used to work in the landmark building right next door. P.S.S. Now I sound like a creeper. I just know this because of the book swap. P.S.S.S. Your lesson was amazing! I'm jealous of your YW calling and please don't decide to stay in Utah when you visit. I would hate to loose a real life blog friend so soon!

  4. Totally jealous of your Utah trip! I'm trying to convince the hubs we need to go there next summer for our family vacation. He thinks an isolated lake where he can fish and ride the 4 wheeler all day sounds like more fun though. On a side note, I used to sleep walk and apparently one time I woke up my cousin and THEN I punched her in the face. Don't remember it at all. Whoops!

  5. P.s . I LOVE the new(er??) blog design! I've been on a hiatus so haven't seen it before now!


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