Tuesday, August 7, 2012

From East to West

I want to move so bad out of Florida. I want to live in a place with Four Seasons, snow during Christmas, mountains and valleys, nature all around, outdoor recreation, craft conferences, minus humidity, no traffic, close to big lakes, city slash suburbs....this sounds kinda like
We visited last year and I fell in love with this place. Hubs was born in SLC and has only been in FL for 10 years...so...maybe he'll want to move back? I think I can convince him.

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  1. Do it! My feeling is, if you don't try it you are always going to question what might have been. I'm so glad we made the move from CA to TX. At least I know now what it's all about! Good luck!

    1. That's so true! Change is good! Thanks for reading !


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