Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Trip to Moab

My husbands best friends Frank and Eric joined us on our excursion to Moab and little did I know that Moab was 4 hours away from our hotel.. The expert packer that I am, I prepared us with snacks and water. What I was NOT prepared for were the swervy mountains and snow on the way to the Moab desert. The Arches National Park contains the world's largest concentration of natural stone arches. This National Park is a red, arid desert, punctuated with oddly eroded sandstone forms such as fins, pinnacles, spires, balanced rocks, and arches. The 73,000-acre region has over 2,000 of these "miracles of nature." And we climbed it.

At the only gas station on the way there

Getting started

We look like two birdies perched up on a tree

Climbing down this boulder...im a champ

Looking ahead

I made it to the top!!!!

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