Monday, July 23, 2012

A Drop of Sunshine

I had a little tantrum the other day. Hubs would say it was big. I hyperventilated and bit the inside of my cheek to keep from crying. I have a little trait of mine that I am working on that sometimes can be bad...I plan everything out. Even days that I have off, I am up by 7am. If I am up a minute later I feel like I wasted my whole day (I am working on this).
On our romantic afternoon out last weekend, my husband said I looked so sad. I started to share with him everything that I felt was not going according to my plan. Sobbing I said to him that I think God stopped listening to me.....

My husband oh so connected and inspired reminded me of many beautiful things that are going according to plan and that we are living the Lords plan, not mine. To trust the Lord with all my heart, be still and know, that he is listening to me...

The next day, the Lord dropped me a little drop of Sunshine, a little reminder that he is listening. Interesting the way he moves in our life...and for that I am grateful.

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