Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Silly little game we play

Here's the deal. Several years ago hubs grandma gave him a little monkey key chain that upon pressing a little button on its head, it lights its environment with a piercing blue light. When hubs was a child he liked monkeys and his grandma to this day still gives him monkey stuff...hubs no longer likes monkeys.

Anyway, one night when I was sleeping hubs thought it would be hilarious to press the little blue lighted monkey onto my closed eyelids. I woke up startled and told him how much I hated the thing.

This only sparked a little game. Hubs began hiding the monkey in random places that I would normally use when I would find it, I would hide it back into a place so he would find it. The stupid monkey has shown up in my luggage, binders, work bag, lunches, shower, shoes etc. I also have hidden the little stinker in great places...but this time Hubs won.

Well....for about 8 months, I hadn't seen the darn thing, and hubs mentioned the other night "It looks at you every night". I found it in a stack of books I keep at my bedside, books I've finished reading.

Now it's my turn to hide the mischievous little stinker. Where should it go?

Silly little games we play...

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  1. I absolutely LOVE this! Now I understand the look you gave me when I found a monkey at.work. What a coincidence. Haha.
    my husband used to hide a mini fortune cookie with lil fortunes to brighten my day. When we were long distance for the first two years, I would hide post-it with positive messages and love notes in places he would find while I was away.
    For our anniversary one year I frame some of my artsy post-its for him. We displayed it on a table at our wedding. :) -Kj


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