Sunday, June 3, 2012

Goal for the Week

I am over at Erika's blog T.E. and Baby participating in her weekly 'Goal for the Week' linky party. Click here to participate. By the way I love that she does this because I feel like if I post and participate that somehow I am holding myself accountable?

My Goal for the Week looks alittle different than what I would normally focus on (although the clean laundry in my laundry basket are silently asking to be put away). This week I want to organize my family tree and continue my geneology search.
Geneology is important to me because of my belief. Mormons do family history to link our generation to our forefathers. We believe in being an eternal family and if we don't know who our ancestors are, how can we "link" us together forever?

It has been so hard for me to do this because I am first generation American. My family is from Colombia and most are from a little town called San Antonio de Prado. I have been utilizing resources such as, however, not much has been found.

 I am getting little help from family. I am the only Mormon member, I dubbed myself a Pioneer, toot toot. But that is a whole other post(s). is time for me to reach out to a few contacts to get this thang going!

{want to learn more about what I believe? Click here}

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  1. Such a fun goal! Hope you have luck! (popping over from t.e. And baby!)


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