Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Sweet Sunday

I had to go incognito to re-align a few things that have been pending in my life. I feel sometimes that all this blog reading at times transports me to a place of wishing and one-daying {Marilyn term meaning one day I will ________.}

So a few things that have been up with me is a new way of eating. Hubs and I have committed to not eat out so often and cooking our meals at home and taking our meals to work. I am eating 3 meals a day, high protein lo carb, with 3 snacks in between. Drinking LOTS OF WATER has also curbed my appetite (which is great because I could eat like a sumo wrestler).  

Second, I am exercising. I am running 2 miles a day and practicing hot yoga twice a week. This has totally made me more calm, less stressed and gain more energy. It has also made me more conscious of the foods that I eat and has taken my mind off of the other things (ttc).

Third, taking pictures. I don't know about you but I was slacking on the taking pictures piece but ever since I downloaded Instagram, I have been taking like 3413 pictures and have been thinking of photo-taking opportunities. I love to take pictures to preserve memories because who knows what I was doing in 2010 because I have like 4 pictures of myself and hubs and unfortunately they are of me making my famous crazy face:

{my friend Sara and I ice-skating at the Rockafeller Center in NYC 2010}

Moral of the post? No more wishing and one-daying, just be and do.

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