Friday, June 22, 2012

Road Trip-Charleston

I had a meltdown in Charleston, South Carolina. I realized how fluffy I got. Let's just say that the pictures you see of me are mostly from the shoulders up. Good news is, I am on an exercise routine and eating better...waaaaaaaaaaaay better. Except for the ice cream and brownies I will be having tonight... What...? I need to reward myself. 

We stayed at a beautiful waterfront hotel called Harbour View Inn, located in historical Charleston surrounded by antique shops and restaurants. One of the things I liked about staying there was having breakfast on the rooftop at sunrise. Romantic. The room we stayed in was beautiful and lovely decored with modern pieces with an antique feel. The color palette felt like Tommy Bahama exploded in the four walled room. Niice. The hotel lobby had fresh water, snacks annnd... wait for it...they put out a fresh batch of cookies in the evening with warm milk for those looking for late night indulgence. Hubs went for it. I restrained myself. So hubs gave the hotel 2 thumbs up on that alone, with a handful of cookies for the roadtrip back home.



What we loved about Charleston was how rich the history is there, the architecture, southern cooking, theatre, museums, and the ability to walk just about anywhere you need to go, and the locals are laid back and super friendly too. I totally rocked humid hair, its a fad there it being right off of the water and all. {humid hair-is hair that frizzes up into a hot mess after you spend 30 min. blowing it straight the second one steps outside}
I also rekindled my on-again off-again relationship with Diet Coke. For realz. We broke up though. I'm into more clear things like water these days.

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  1. This is a town I have been meaning to visit for years now. These pictures make me really want to go!


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