Monday, June 4, 2012

Road Trip-North Carolina-Part 1

A few weeks ago we packed up the car and headed north on a much needed getaway. I love road trips. Hubs, not so much. So of course it was up to me to entertain him on the way there. I sang all kinds of songs, told stories and made funny faces and noises. I hope he appreciates that. Laugh.
We ventured up to North Carolina and made a couple stops on the way there:

On a stop for fuel we saw these enormous elephants. It was hilarious because we were in the middle of nowhere. Since hubs and I are on a Instagram kick we agreed this would be a good photo opp.


Did I ever mention how much I love Elephants? We have a big one in our living room, his name is Kane.
Then hubs saw this fireworks superstore. After a sigh I agreed to go in. It was really neat. They had all sorts of crazy looking fireworks, but I like the little sparklers the best.
At this point we were passing through South Carolina.
Our destination was Belmont, North Carolina, where we had an adventurous time at the
 Stay tuned for part 2.
Have a great Monday!

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