Thursday, June 14, 2012

Road Trip-Hiking

I never really know what to wear when we go hiking. This time I opted for yoga capris. The moment we stepped into the mountain trail at Crowders Mountain in North Carolina, I wished I wore long pants. It was lush and all you could hear were the thousands of insects humming around us for miles and miles. Also the warning signs of insect bites and the "watch out for Yellow Jackets" had me extra cautious and wishing I was a Cullen to be able to have extra good eye sight (sorry about the Twilight reference) and the the ability to run for my life if I had to.






During our hike, hubs thought he saw a skunk ahead perched up on a log. This delayed our hike a bit as we lingered around waiting for it to leave. Hubs tossed a rock in its direction and nothing. The closer we got we was the root of a tree that very much could pass as a skunk from afar.

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