Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Sweet Sunday

Ever realized there are a few things you could be better at? For me, I could be better at calling an old friend rather than dropping a text. I could be better at following up when a friend says "Hey we should do lunch sometime". Or make an effort to spend time and get to know people from church.

The thing is...I am a better listener and not so great as a conversation starter. I admire those people that go out and introduce themselves and are genuinely interested in you and ask you questions to get to know you better. Today, I came out of the box and introduced myself to a new woman at my church. My next step is to try to get to know her better.

So while I challenge you to do the same....the challenge is for me too. I hope for the courage and curiosity to make a new friend and step out of my comfort zone. Will you join me on this challenge? Drop me your thoughts, have a sweet Sunday!

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