Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Sweet Sunday

Welcome to the first "Sunday, Sweet Sunday"-On "Sunday, Sweet Sunday" I will share things about my week that have been sweet, things I've reflected on and perhaps set my personal missions for the week.

While I was sitting in sacrament meeting today, I started to think about the things I can do to be a better wife. My reflection time consisted today more of not 'post-poning'. I often.....I mean OFTEN find myself thinking, "When we move to a bigger house, I'll be more organized, or if we had a bigger kitchen I'd cook more, or if we had a bigger closet it wouldn't be soooo messy....or I'll start cooking more when we have children...

The truth of all of this is, that If I don't get a grip on this now, when we move to a bigger house I'll be more disorganized, I'd create a BIGGER mess in the closet aaannnnnd when we have children I wouldn't have much time to cook...

So, all of that being said: I have made some commitments this week to start organizing a few areas of I know I can improve on...I mean I'm not like a crazy messy person but here's a CONFESSION sometimes I do leave the laundry out without it being put away the same day... (or even the week), I don't always hang up my clothes. Here are a few things I'll start to focus on this week:

#1. I'll start by color coordinating my clothes, organizing my shoes and finding a way to store my accessories, and hang the clothes I have stashed underneath the hanging ones...What? I'm being honest here..

#2. I'll actually commit to putting laundry away in a timely manner...especially since I hate seeing it all around the place...Oh and I love totes and handbags and have a bad habit of leaving them around...but I'll find a solution for that...I hope.

#3. I'll ditch the basket on top of the dresser because this totally says "dump stuff here"..aannnnd hang up more of my clothes

So my challenge to you is: Appreciate and be grateful for what you have today and find that one thing you have been meaning to organize and do it! I'll post pictures next week of what I tackled in our room!

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