Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Rope Bracelet Tutorial

I saw this a few months ago on the Martha Stewart Show, a tutorial for rope bracelets, and I had to try for myself: It was so easy and I was able to add new accessories to my accessory hoarding collection. This is what you will need:

I had never heard of fabric stiffener until I did this project. The one I picked up is the Martha Stewart Fabric Stiffener you can find it at Michaels, it must be water-resistant (if your bracelets get wet, they stay stiff)
Liquid Gilding from the Martha Stewart collection at Michaels adds that metallic look to your bracelet (I used bronze, gold and brass)

Step 1) I picked my rope up at Hobby Lobby, or you can use any sturdy kind, I recommend you use white colored rope, that way the color from the liquid gilding picks up :), create your favorite knots, braids and twists (make sure you measure your wrist size and cut rope a little longer than the size of how you want your bracelet)

I researched different tying methods on-line to stimulate my creative mind

I used an old craft mat and all the glue came right off it

After snipping the sides, cut as close as possible through the middle of the glue so not much shows

Press both ends together with the glue

Squeeze the excess with your fingers

Press down so the bracelet is flat on the surface

paint in a well ventilated area, the paint is strong!

And Voila!

I love lots and lots of bracelets together, and makes a great gift too by tying them all together with ribbon! (Some of my pics came out small....Im still trying to figure out what size they should be since Im new and all.)

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