Friday, February 17, 2012

Rosette Headband Tutorial

Todays post is hair accessories: I love them...but mostly on other people. I never wear anything in my hair because I feel like I look 12 years old. But, since its a huge trend in hair of all different ages I thought I'd suck it up and give it a shot.

I made rosettes out of ribbon and glued them to a headband. These rosettes have been floating the web for awhile so nothing new here. But, I did add a few new twists to it adding lace and felt.

Make a handful of circles out of felt, the size of the circle is the size of your rosette. You can eyeball your circle, however, I don't have good eyeball capabilities so I used a stencil.

Next, take your ribbon and tie a knot at the end. (Don't judge my wrinkley man was awful taking wedding pictures of our rings and our hands...I seriously couldn't tell the difference between his and my hand)

Now, just twist and dab hot glue, twist and dab in a circle motion


Once you've reached your desired size, tuck the tail of the ribbon under the bottom, hot glue it, and hot glue the rosette onto your felt circle


Next, glue another felt circle onto your headband (I picked up my headbands at Hobby Lobby)


This is what I came up with


I love the white one soo much, it's my new favorite to wear to the Temple

Here is what I came up with the rest of my ribbon scraps and random pearls (fake ones) I found in my craft box.

Doing this craft made me realize that. A) My man hands are not hot B) I have waaay to many empty water bottles sitting on my kitchen counter C). I desperately need a tri-pod

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