Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ode to the Hubs

I am so in love. Here is my Love story. summarized.

 I met Manny in college. It was the first day of school (2002) and my second semester in college. On the first day of school, I was alittle nervous (as usual), but always curious about who was going to be in my classes.
When I made it to my humanities class, I noticed my friend Laura, I sighed in relief and I sat next to her. Class began. The professor started to review the syllabus when the door swung open. Light surrounded the doorway as if angels were descending from heaven. This big statuesque man appeared at the doorway. My jaw dropped. He was so handsome. His black curly locks grazed his tan forhead and his blue eyes were like an endless sea. He casually made his way to an emtpy desk and plopped down into the seat. I turned to my friend Laura and said, "I am going to marry that guy".

Little did I know that "that guy" was thinking the same about me. We never really spoke in class, but made alot of eye contact. After the semester was over, we ran into each other at a Mexican restaurant. He asked for my phone number. My heart swelled. Several days later, he took me to the movies. Several days after that, he took me to dinner. A couple years later we were engaged. Then married, for eternity.

When I look into his eyes, my heart flutters, my stomach squeezes, and my throat tightens...My Heavenly Father loves me soooo much, that he has blessed me with the most incredible man. Manny is so genuine, loyal, patient and caring. He is my rock. He loves our Savior and the Gospel. He is so smart, he makes me laugh. He is an amazing cook. He makes up the funniest songs to make me smile... In him, I have found the best in me.

So Today, even though making a family has been a struggle, it's okay. It's okay because it gives me more time to have him to myself and to continue preparing for those beautiful gifts to come down from Heaven.


I love You Babe!

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