Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Sweet Sunday

Hubs is dealing with a nasty sinus infection (sniffle), so I went to church all by my lonesome. Today I reflected upon our journey here on earth. Everyone is destined to do different things and even though we hope to be at a certain checkpoint in life, sometimes we forget that Heavenly Father has different plans for us. I have learned this year to put alllll my trust in him and know that I am a daughter of God and he loves me so much and I have to trust him that all the wonderful things he has promised me will come to fruition when it is his time.

When I got home from church my tough hubs was still in bed, so I put together a little lunch for him to make him all better.

Did I mention today we are celebrating our Temple Sealment anniversary? I am so happy to be taking care of my sniffley hunk and to be with him forever and ever and ever and makes my heart smile.

I won't ever forget this day and the love we felt from our family and friends. Amazing to have this love sealed for eternity..

Our family was using the umbrellas to block the over powering sun...and our photographer had an AH HA moment...and if you look to the far right we had the-sun-is-too-strong-for a photo-giver-upper

My beautiful parents. I owe them everything for teaching me about our Lord and Savior and how much he loves me.

To my amazing family, thank you for sharing with us on our special day, and may this anniversary always remind us to stay true and righteous forever and ever.


Happy Anniversary my Hubster...I love your face.

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