Thursday, February 23, 2012

Trip to Park City Utah

I love Utah. My hubs is from there so when we visited, he took me to all his favorite spots. And we met up with family too. They are awesome. Our first stop was Park City. Woah dude. This place is like rodeo drive for skiers. Awesome atmosphere and super neat shops. Totally a picturesque town.

We met his cousin Phillipe at this really quaint bookstore/cafe for hot chocolate. Mmmm...perfect on a chilly day.

What? I haad to be in the picture (as my husband gives me the please get out of the middle of the street look...oopsie..sorry hubs.)

So, we got someone to snap a pic of the traveling trio

I made a new friend along the way

Trying to push my hubs into the snow. He was stiff as a statue. No budging.

We found this loooong narrow walk way, so we had to stop to see...but I think we were in someones backyard, hard to tell though.

We were too cool for skiing..(or I was too chicken). So we went tubing instead. Yes we did. Move over little kids. The big kids are here to play.

My first tubing experience. I know. Don't laugh. I was not nervous.

Hubby is a pro. Probably an undercover tubing expert.


So we decided to be totally extreme here and we tied Phillipe, my husbands and my tube together and went down the steepest hill. The other people around us were so jealous because we were going to go super duper fast with these two big men. and me. kinda. We taped it.

He took me to this underground pizza joint called The Pie and stuffed ourselves with the largest biggest pizza ever...but we shared it with friends and family. My husband is a U of U fan.

Love Utah. Please take me to live here hubs. Or at least vacation here soon, like next week.

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